A Very Quick Introduction

As we all know – or at least should, if you read along – there is now three versions of the U, S, and Toby Blog.
Each version represents a new book in my life, while each book is grouped into chapters. Where does this Chapterification or Bookisticion come from? Simply because these are all different development stages; so vastly different from each other that they should be looked at in isolation, only united through branding.

The Blogging History of U, S, and Toby

  1. U, S, and Toby – Auslandszivildienst in Los Angeles & Montreal: (2008-2009)
    This Blog is extraordinarily blunt, funny and German. It is also naive, fearless and radical. Most of all though, it’s about 85% German, and has about 200+ posts all written within one calendar year. It revolves around my Social Service Abroad, where I worked at the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles, and the Kleinmann Family Foundation in Montreal. Read this blog if you are of Germanic descent and are interested in going abroad and doing something useful with your life.
  2. U, S, and Toby – Studium und Filmemachen in Los Angeles: (2009-2012)
    This Blog revolves around coming back to LA in order to studying Film at Santa Monica College. It is a less funny, more serious blog about filmmaking, learning, and being somewhat mature. It is about 70% German, and has 300+ posts written over the course of 3 years. It pinnacles in the founding of our production company and working in the Film Industry in LA for one year a foreigners under an F1-Visa OPT. Read this blog if you are into filmmaking, the DSLR revolution, want to go to Santa Monica College or become an International Student in the US.
  3. U, S, and Toby – Filmmaking and Research in Berkeley: (2013-?)
    This Blog is the one you are currently indulging in. It will be mostly written in English (Let’s be a bit different this time, shall we), and will revolve around film and research activities mostly in the Bay Area. It will contain lots of text. And some pretty images. And some ugly ones. Read this blog if … well, you’re already reading it.

What to Expect from this Blog

  • The Bridge between what the hell happened since Summer 2012 and Spring 2013
  • Some dry humor
  • A lot of intellectual gibberish, triggered by osmosis in the Berkeleyan hills
  • Lots of Filmmaking, advice, tutorials and the usual production diary insanity
  • Articles in English
  • German articles when homesickness sets in
  • Research, Theories, Postulates, Semiconducting Manifestos
  • An exquisite experience

That’s it for now. Took me a month to just get over myself and start this blog, so now nothing can stop me … well … some stuff can.